Immanuel Prayer

Jesus Hands

“Beloved, now we are children of God; and it has not yet been revealed what
we shall be, but we know that when we see Him, we shall be like Him, for we
shall see Him as He is.” ~1 John 3:2

Jesus came to be Immanuel, God with us. He alone heals and meets every need. The
objective of the Immanuel Approach to Intimacy and Life is intimacy with Jesus. It’s
about knowing Him and experiencing an intimate and living relationship with the Savior.  Things like emotional healing, physical healing, righteousness, peace, joy and so on, are fruit of this intimacy work with Him.

“Then you will experience for yourselves the truth, and the truth will set you free.”
~John 8:32

Through the Immanuel Approach, Jesus removes the barriers between our hearts and
Him, enabling us to experience Him more intimately. We see Jesus for who He really is and watch Him overcome the world in our past and present.

“Be of good cheer for I have overcome the world! “~John 16:33

An Immanuel session is not counselling. It is prayer.  The Coach helps the Receiver connect with Jesus and lets Him lead and guide.

Immanuel Prayer is the lifestyle that Pastor Patti Velotta has been experiencing and
practicing for the past 14 years. Through her personal pain she was led to Dr. Karl
Lehman, a psychiatrist specializing in brain function related to inner healing and
spirituality. As this divine appointment converged their paths, Pastor Patti experienced
deep healing through her personal encounters with Jesus. Immanuel Prayer changed her life and became foundational to her Christian faith.

Pastor Patti’s deep desire is to see others experience the joy and freedom in Christ
that she has found using the Immanuel Approach. She has been given an anointing to explain the deep things of God in laymen’s terms and now teaches the Immanuel Approach in seminars around the world. Through her teaching, you will receive encouragement, discover scriptural models from the Old and New Testaments, and understand biblical prayers that show us the Lord’s desire to walk continuously in intimacy with us here and now. You will be taught how to see Jesus (based on scripture) with the realization that you too can personally see Him, and that we are in fact commanded to do so!

As a resource, Pastor Patti’s new book, Immanuel: A Practicum is now available. This handy manual is designed to help anyone who wants to become familiar with Immanuel Prayer. It is packed, with Scriptures, testimonies and step by step instructions. To order call – 847-247-4350, or email:
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Additional resources can be found at Dr. Karl Lehman’s website:
Immanuel Approach Website.

To view his complete collection of essays about how to effectively minister healing to the mind, brain and spirit systems, visit: Dr Karl & Pastor Charlotte Lehman’s Website.

Dr. Karl’s book, Outsmarting Yourself is also available at our online bookstore.
Check out Outsmarting Yourself Website.

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