Our Pastor

Pastor Bob Wieland – Lead Pastor

Pastor Bob Wieland took on the role of lead pastor in December of 2016 and was officially ordained in June of 2017 after completing his Bachelors of Science in Ministry Leadership from Moody Bible Institute.

He has the gift of bringing his heart into his teaching and leading of the congregation. He clearly teaches the foundational truths of Biblical Christian faith and seeks after the realities of Spirit and truth without compromise. He is a man called by Jesus into the ministry of equipping others and pointing them towards a relational connection with Jesus.

Pastor Bob actively works on his relationship with Jesus through regular Immanuel Prayer ministry and that healing translates out into his leadership.  He longs for the Church to KNOW the true Lord Jesus in an intimate and experiential way.

Pastor Bob is an active leader and presenter of the Immanuel Practicum model of Immanuel Prayer / Immanuel Approach developed by Pastor Patti Velotta (Pastor Emeritus at Calvary Way International).  He loves to teach seminars and groups and see people experience Jesus for the first time.

Pastor Bob has two daughters, Emily and Allie.  He loves to travel.  He also loves to run / exercise, read and relax when time allows.

Pastor Patti Velotta – Pastor Emeritus

Pastor Patti Velotta served as Pastor of Calvary Way International Fellowship for 26 years prior to taking on the role Pastor Emeritus in December of 2016.  She was ordained in 1992, after receiving her MDiv from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in 1991 where she also served for three years as Dean of Women and Assistant Dean of Students. Her time and energy is now dedicated to spreading the good news of Immanuel (God with us) around the world.

Pastor Patti applies her faith, anointing and compassion developed through her own healing work.  She teaches the lifestyle of finding Jesus, watching Him break down ALL barriers to intimacy with Him and observing Him overcome the world in your past and
present. She wants all to learn to live in the righteousness, peace and joy of the Holy Spirit – living the kingdom life which is your birthright – and finding and walking in your true self.

She now teaches this lifestyle in seminars as well as one-on-one training. She has an intuitive understanding of the process mixed with revelation in scripture. She has
been given an anointing to teach this and to explain the deep things of God in laymen’s terms as a pastor-teacher

Pastor Patti is married to Mike and has three daughters, and six grandchildren.