Who We Are


Calvary Way International Fellowship is an Apostolic Ministry Center called to spread the message of intimacy with Jesus around the world.  Our main ministry focus is Immanuel Prayer / Immanuel Approach to Life and Healing.

Having gone through many years of spreading the Gospel locally, in the U.S. and around the world, Jesus is now adding new emphases to our fellowship. We enjoy rich communion with God and each other. We worship, pray, minister, teach and share together as a family. As we gather together, each one contributes by bringing discernment, by participating in discussion, by prophesying, by ministering and so forth.

Our Pastor leads the congregation and we also recognize the church gatherings are our responsibility. Although many of us have been together for some time, we are diverse in background, age, financial status, race and length in the Lord which broadens our perspective and enriches our fellowship. We warmly welcome those who share our desire to know God and serve others here and around the world. If you are interested in knowing more about us, call our office at 847-247-4350.